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Jax’s Jo will be coming out soon!

Below is the synopsis and a link to the book page!

Jax‘s Jo

When an evil sweeps into the Valley of Sisters, and the one plant that sustains them is dying out, it’s time for Jax Underwood to man up and work with the one person who has dug her roots into his heart then ripped them out, leaving a gaping hole. It would help if he hated her, but it’s not hate that he feels when he sees her again.

Kelly Jo left her home realm behind ten years ago, along with her heart. Now she’s back to help Jax, the male who pushed her away, in order to find a cure for the mysterious illness that has the Sister of Peace in its deadly grasp. But with the plants that once spoke so clearly to them whispering riddles, they’ll need to work closely and try not to lose their hearts again in the process. 

Will thorny vines grip them by the hearts, causing them to bleed out? Or will beautiful flowers of love bloom once again?

V.J. Lee Did a Reading at Wild Deadwood Reads

While enjoying her time at Wild Deadwood Reads, V.J. Lee had the awesome opportunity to give a reading excerpt of her new book, Jax’s Jo, which is coming out soon. Check out the video below, and enjoy the saucy, steamy, and sexy characters while they have some fun in their Valley of the Sisters!
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Blaze’s Jo: A Sister Jo Novel — Sister Jo Book 1

What an amazingly delicious story! This book is the full course and so much more! I am head over heels excited about the characters. Blaze can be infuriating one minute and the next you want to cry for him. Jo is an amazing lady that just wants a family of her own. These two together is like fireworks on the Fourth of July. I laughed and cried and begged for more. Blaze’s Jo will set your world on fire. I am so glad I picked up this book and gave it a chance! I would love to hear more of Cosmo’s story!

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